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Brushless tightening unit

Precision tightening with brushless screwdrivers enables control of screw torque with control of final angle, including graphic analysis from control device.

If the tightening curve of the work in hand departs too much from the ideal curve, the piece is rejected.

Various programmes for different types of tightening, with previously saved parameters, can be selected. If the piece is re-worked, special control functions allow a new screw to be inserted. The curve acquisition tool generates and visualises the torque and position curve, with timing, of the last tightening cycle carried out. The number of samplings can be fixed – max. 1000 with fixed sampling time – and the start of acquisition can be decided, from the start of the initial tightening phase or when a torque limit value is reached. Tightening data can be saved on a USB flash drive and exported in .csv format. For each point of sampling, the CURRENT TORQUE, CURRENT POSITION and PHASE NO. are saved.


Sectors we work in

  • Office furnishing
  • Fittings and hardware for furniture
  • Micro-switches
  • Heating components
  • Household articles
  • Aquariums and accessories
  • Bicycle and motor bike accessories
  • Automated gates and shutters
  • Gardening
  • Leisure
  • Electricals

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