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Non-synchronous press

Market research shows that normally presses for small and medium components are basically made up of two elements, a hammer and a table, which are connected by a fixed powertrain that ensures the operations to be carried out are completely replicable.

This often, however, places considerable limits on the type and characteristics of work processes that can be carried out (especially changing format and pressing equipment). M.P.A. Automazioni solves this problem with its press for small and medium components with manual loading and automated unloading.

The workpiece support mechanism (rotary table) and the pressing device (hammer) move independently of each other. This is particularly useful in regulating approach time, depth of pressure, relative movement of hammer and other parameters, resulting in a more flexible machine that, consequently, can carry out many operations for highly efficient production. The variable speed of the continuously adjustable machine with the automatic machine synchronisation results in extremely fast work cycles (90 pieces per minute), while the pressing device undergoes limited mechanical stress, as the hammer does not stop between one cycle and the next.


Sectors we work in

  • Office furnishing
  • Fittings and hardware for furniture
  • Micro-switches
  • Heating components
  • Household articles
  • Aquariums and accessories
  • Bicycle and motor bike accessories
  • Automated gates and shutters
  • Gardening
  • Leisure
  • Electricals

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