The company

We are a modern industrial manufacturer of machinery and automation devices for handling, control, assembly and robotics. Constantly focused on technological innovation and market requirements. Each project is looked after by our staff of specialists, who give all assistance needed for the feasibility study, preparation of the design, assembly, software programmes, final testing and after-sales support, including delivery of a full set of CE certified manuals.


We provide:

  • Customised technical solutions to solve the specific problem of the client
  • High standard of engineering, know-how of our designers and optimal combination between study and implementation of the project, to ensure that automation is state-of-the-art, in full compliance with the highest technological and quality standards, for increased safety and functionality
  • Ergonomic workbenches for different processes, complete with doors used to hold various hand tools and lamp for lighting the work area.
  • Semi-automatic power units placed on aluminium bench in ergonomic position.
  • Special machines on rotary tables with manual or automatic loading/unloading.
  • Linear transfer of empty pallets and pre-programmed overhead line.
  • Horizontal and tower palletisers with robotic load/unload.
  • Complete, self-managed feed systems for small parts
  • Tightening systems with brushless, electric and pneumatic motors
  • Dispensing systems for adhesives, seals and lubricants
  • Guards, shields and soundproof ear muffs
  • Repurposing of machinery


Features of our machinery:

  • High productivity with reduced production costs
  • High reliability with guaranteed quality
  • Extremely functional and easy to use
  • Low running costs and long life
  • Safety

Sectors we work in

  • Office furnishing
  • Fittings and hardware for furniture
  • Micro-switches
  • Heating components
  • Household articles
  • Aquariums and accessories
  • Bicycle and motor bike accessories
  • Automated gates and shutters
  • Gardening
  • Leisure
  • Electricals

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